A Fresh Start

Founded in 2012, KuhiKuhi Shave Ice is a family-owned, shaved ice catering business based in Chula Vista, CA specializing in authentic, Hawaiian shaved ice made from all-natural ingredients.  They have several mobile carts available for corporate, family and other social events, and are especially dedicated to providing fund-raising events to support the educational needs of the local community.

The current owner of KuhiKuhi Shave Ice bought the company from the previous owner and wanted to rebrand it to reflect her unique look and style.  Because the company caters events and doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store, everything depends on their branding and marketing materials, so the owner needed to ensure that the new brand had a unified theme that was engaging and appealing to both current and potential, new clients.  Mance Creative would have to create materials and signage that could be used at their events and double as advertising.

Mance Creative redesigned every aspect of KuhiKuhi Shave Ice’s virtual and actual brand materials.  There was much to do, so the rebrand was rolled out in phases with Mance Creative prioritizing what was needed when.

On the digital marketing end, Mance Creative designed a new logo, social media graphics, and an entirely new website with a digital menu and the ability for organizations to book KuhiKuhi for events.  For the events themselves, KhuiKhui Shaved Ice got new, custom-branded pop-up tents, business cards, print menus, post cards and additional print materials.   Now, whether you find them online or encounter them in-person at an event, KhuiKuhi Shaved Ice’s look and style look as vibrant, fresh and appealing as the delicious treats they serve!