New KuhiKuhi Shave Ice website launched!

Mance Creative is excited to announce the launch of the brand new website for KuhiKuhi Shave Ice.

About KuhiKuhi Shave Ice

KuhiKuhi Shave Ice is a local company in Chula Vista, CA that provides the most authentic, fluffiest shave ice available with regular, sugar-free and innovative flavor combinations made with natural fruits and flavors. After many successful years, the company was looking to grow and expand their business further so they contact Mance Creative to design and create a brand new, modern website.

About the Website

The new KuhiKuhi Shave Ice website uses the latest in website technology, HTML5 and CSS3, and is built on the WordPress platform. This allowed us to fully create an outside-the-box design utilizing different shapes and angles and fun CSS animations to enhance the user experience. Among these new features are the following:

  • CMS functionality, which gives the client the ability to make updates to the website;
  • Responsive mobile technology for enhanced usability on major mobile devices;
  • Integrated Blog for recent news and articles about KuhiKuhi Shave Ice;
  • Ability to add embedded videos;
  • CSS3 and HTML5 animations to convey a fun experience for the user to really promote the fun branding and philosophy of the company;
  • Sticky header navigation that anchors to the top of the page scroll, so you never lose your place!

We welcome you to explore the new KuhiKuhi Shave Ice website and let us know what you think!

~ The Mance Creative Team